ContactPeople App™

App Development & Digital Transformation Agency USA

The award winning app that is reshaping the employment

landscape has become the de facto platform for the blue

collar job space.

Veme is the future of social videos, developed

with an aim to decentralize the authentic, loyal

network between the media creators and influencers.

An intuitive gesture-recognition

application built on IoT, enabling drivers

to drive distraction-free.

How we increased Dominos

conversion rate to 23% with a refined

UX strategy.

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We are developing world’s first AR

Experiential network platform with a

valuation at $4m

A one stop ERP Solution for Shoppers

to view all the store offers & for retailers to

get all customer data at on place.

Melltoo, the App of the Year 2016, is UAE’s

top classified ads platform that

serves you with options for finding buyer/seller,


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