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Artificial Intelligence News: Latest Advancements in AI Technology

AI isn’t the future of technology — it’s already here. Just look at how voice assistants like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa have have become more and more prominent in our lives. This will only continue as they learn more skills and companies build out their connected device ecosystems.

And while AI is having an enormous impact on individuals with the smart home, an even larger impact can be felt in the e-commerce space. As the market becomes increasingly cluttered, personalization is one of the key ways retailers can differentiate themselves to consumers. In fact, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group, retailers that have implemented machine learning technology for personalization see sales gains of 6-10% — a rate two to three times faster than retailers who haven’t.

And for marketers, AI can make teams more creative and help companies make better management decisions by providing new insights and better data analysis.

Regardless of your industry, AI is everywhere. And it will change the way you do business. The question is: Will you be ready?

Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has spent hundreds of hours researching how artificial intelligence will facilitate digital transformation across industries, but specifically how AI is transforming payments, retail, transportation and logistics, and marketing.

AI in Banking and Payments

This report highlights which applications in banking and payments are most mature for AI. It offers examples where financial institutions (FIs) and payments firms are already using the technology, discusses how they should approach implementing it, and provides descriptions of vendors of different AI-based solutions that they may want to consider using.

AI in E-Commerce

This report outlines the numerous applications of AI in retail, and provides case studies of how retailers are gaining a competitive edge using this technology. Applications include personalizing online interfaces, tailoring product recommendations, increasing the search relevance, and providing better customer service.

AI in Supply Chain and Logistics

This report details the factors driving AI adoption in supply chain and logistics, and examines how this technology can reduce costs and shipping times for operations. It also explains the many challenges companies face implementing these types of solutions in their supply chain and logistics operations to reap the benefits of this transformational technology.

AI in Marketing

This report discusses the top use cases for AI in marketing and examines those with the greatest potential in the next few years. It breaks down how marketing will evolve as AI automates remedial tasks, and explores how customer experience is becoming more personalized, relevant, and timely with machine learning.

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