ContactPeople App™

Free CPUT Mobile App – Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows…

Latest update includes Class Timetables, University emergency notifications for Apple & Android users and many more numerous improvements!

More features are coming. Watch this space 🙂

Some of the features This app is bundled with lot of personalised content that you care about.

Get precise updates on;

MyClassroom announcements, Internet balance, meal balance, news, events and Student Jobs.

Order some food!

View the menu and order from Tabeisa Start Up Cafe in Bellville Campus.

Contacts and locations

The app has the Staff Directory, emergency numbers, campus maps and our first ever Google 3D Streetview tours for Bellville Campus!

Talk to management

Report a nasty experience you’ve had to CPUT Management via the Student Hotline right from your phone. Talk anonymously if you want!

Paperless meetings and your payslip

Staff members can view their payslips, leave days, and get their Meetings documents right phone their phone or tablet!

Thousands of students have already downloaded it, here is why…

We have built the mobile app to cater for the real and ever-changing needs of staff, students, alumni and everyone else.

More than 1.5 years was invested into understanding your behaviour when you use a phone. We also figured out how to securely connect to all the systems at CPUT so you do not have to. The app knows who you are and can fetch all your information for you so you don’t have to look for a PC or lab!

Download it to your phone now!

Coming soon to Windows Phones


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