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How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Technology

In recent years, the mobile app sector has grown at a significant pace and demand is constantly rising. Every firm dealing with selling, assisting, providing services, or offering information understands the accessibility of their apps to their customers. Other than brainstorming how the apps will function and what resources will be required for them to run, it is highly important to figure out which technology will serve your needs the best. A wide range of mobile app technologies is used for specific platforms, or for cross-platform app development.

Today, most mobile development professionals prefer developing hybrid mobile apps, as this lets them write the code once and build applications that can easily run on multiple mobile platforms with little effort. The application will work on iOS and Android platforms, whereas the code can be successfully reused to deal with all other progressive web applications, and even desktop applications.

Getting the best app idea is not that difficult, but implementing it in reality is. You not only have to select the right mobile app development company to go with your app building, but also have to find the perfect technology with which to build your app. A precise technology platform will definitely fulfill your requirements to develop a user-friendly, intuitive, and quality mobile app.

How to Choose an App Development Platform

A wide range of alternatives is available to approach mobile app design and development. You can build your app on either a native iOS or Android platform, cross-platform or a responsive web app platform. The decision is yours whether you want to build an app for only one platform due to a limited budget, or have cross-platform app development. The possibility of losing half of your potential users will increase with the former one. Similarly, every platform has some pros and cons and you have to choose one for your app.

You can choose from different technologies for creating mobile apps. However, hybrid mobile app development would be best to consider, from my point of view. I feel that this technology has more pros as compared to others and will serve your business best.

Here, I am letting you dive into the most useful frameworks that can help you to build amazing mobile hybrid applications.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Basically, hybrid mobile apps are cross-platform mobile apps, and they provide a user interface involving an embedded browser and languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These apps are built with Trigger.IO, Cordova, Ionic Framework, or Telerik Platform.

Generally, these apps are quite similar to the apps you have on your phone. You can find these apps in all popular app stores and they can do many things, like playing games, engaging with your friends through social media, tracking your health, taking photos, etc.

Like internet-based websites, the development of hybrid mobile apps depends upon a combination of the web technologies JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The key feature of these apps is that they are hosted inside a native application that utilizes the WebView of a mobile platform. This enables these apps to access device capabilities like the accelerometer, contacts, camera, and more. Generally, being inside mobile browsers restricts the accessibility of these capabilities. Furthermore, the native UI elements are also included in hybrid mobile apps wherever necessary.

Pros of hybrid mobile apps:

Xamarin — The Best Cross-Platform App Development Technology

Microsoft-owned Xamarin has proved itself best for cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Specifications and Common Language Infrastructure.

A Xamarin developer with a C# shared codebase can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps. The coding is facilitated here with native user interfaces and code sharing across different app development platforms.

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Xamarin .NET/C#-based technology ranks at the top of all hybrid mobile app development frameworks. The re-utilizing abilities of Xamarin help save time and the shared code facility, teamwork, and exceptional tooling make it the best technology for building a quality mobile app. A wide range of Xamarin and Android APIs and amazing design experience for glass with the Android SDK and GDK can influence the development arena a lot.

When Should You Build a Hybrid Mobile App?

Before deciding what platform to choose, you should evaluate the technical and non-technical merits of hybrid versus other alternatives, especially related to the requirements of your mobile application. There may be many questions in your mind, and those are necessary to reach the result. For example:

Consider these questions, and only then, land on an approach to go with. However, I am sure that the hybrid mobile app development technology supported by Xamarin app development platform will definitely work for you.


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