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Ivy Tech Community College Online Application 

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Ivy Tech Community College Online Application 

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Please use your legal name, as this is the name that will appear on your official College record, transcripts and diploma when you graduate. Please use proper capitalization.

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Please select… Anderson Avon Batesville Bloomington Columbus Connersville Evansville Fort Wayne Franklin Greencastle Greensburg Hamilton County Indianapolis (Marion County) Kokomo Lafayette Lake County LaPorte Lawrenceburg Logansport Madison Marion (Grant County) Michigan City Mooresville Muncie New Castle North Vernon Peru Princeton Richmond Rochester Scottsburg-Mid-America Sci Prk Sellersburg Seymour Shelbyville South Bend/Elkhart Tell City Terre Haute Valparaiso Warsaw

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Campus of Interest

Please select… Anderson Batesville Bloomington Columbus Evansville Fort Wayne Indianapolis Kokomo Lafayette Lake County Lawrenceburg Madison Marion Muncie Richmond Sellersburg South Bend/Elkhart Terre Haute Valparaiso

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