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Mobile continues to be the backbone of online advertising and mobile apps is where the bulk of traction takes place today. The mobile advertising space is still being controlled by the Google & Facebook duopoly. Companies like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest collectively present the second tier of online ad platforms. The Chinese rising star TikTok with its advertising platform grabs the headlines and is being in focus of tech media as the major threat to Google and Facebook dominance.

In such complicated environment it’s crucial for brands to factor in upcoming trends in mobile and in-app advertising into their growth strategy. To give them a snapshot of what online advertising professionals have to say about 2020 trends, we decided to reach out as many mobile and in-app advertising companies representative as possible to get a quote from.

And here is what we’ve got. In these quotes there are several common trends that were mentioned frequently:

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AdColony – Gabriella Stano Aversa, Manager, Strategy & Planning

“With more regulation and consumer privacy controls, the supply landscape will continue to change greatly as we move into 2020.  With mobile gaming so far ahead of the curve on offering optional opt-in ad experiences through rewarded video, advertisers pursuing that channel will have less to worry about when it comes to being perceived as consumer-friendly and respecting privacy choices. The industry has also seen a trend towards restrictions on ad targeting with GDPR, however, CCPA will push this even further next year. In 2020, if brands want to target users in a specific location, going in-app in spaces where location is already part of the experience like weather, local dining, travel, and even augmented reality (AR) games, will be the consumer-friendly option.”

RhythmOne  – Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer

“In 2020, we’ll see a larger share of mobile advertising budgets shift towards mobile app inventory versus the mobile web, which is indicative of where consumers are spending time on their smartphones and devices. Location-based targeting will continue to be top-of-mind and become more elaborate, and creatives will focus on video more so than display. We’ll also see app-ads.txt become a mandatory requirement for app publishers to help mitigate the increasing app fraud issue — and to continue combating fraud, savvy advertisers will continue to work with partners that maintain direct publisher relationships and offer transparency surrounding supply and measurement alike.”

 Freestar – Kurt Donnell, President

“As the usage of apps continues to grow, in part due to publishers trying to build closer relationships with their users, we will see apps shift from a traditional waterfall-type programmatic monetization setup — as was done on desktop/mobile web years ago — to programmatic stacks that more closely resemble header bidding. In addition, we will likely see more publishers move to progressive web apps which are much more efficient to build and monetize.”

Mobile Posse  – Greg Wester, CMO

“Smarter smartphones mean some app categories will need to put on their thinking caps. Mobile operating systems have begun to proactively recommend content and services. Anyone with an iPhone knows that pre-installed and integrated news, calendar, email, photos, maps, phone and messaging apps can be intelligently and proactively presented as the ‘next app to open or use’ by Siri’s recommendations. So, with the twelfth anniversary of Apple’s app store in 2020, it seems fitting to ask, with smartphones getting smarter, will all apps remain relevant? Over the course of the next year, I expect whole categories of apps to feel pressure created by smarter phones presenting content/services from preinstalled apps. In particular, content apps and those apps that are used to ‘kill’ time will feel pressure from news and info services integrated into the whole phone experience.” 

YouAPPI – Nancy Roberts, Chief Marketing Officer

SmartyAds – Ivan Guzenko, Chief Executive Officer

Smaato – Glenn Fishback, Chief Revenue Officer

“Given the continued meteoric growth within the app space, we’re seeing a lot of pressure on the industry to accelerate the development and adoption of more sophisticated tools for ad serving and buying. That includes figuring out how to bring the benefits of header bidding into the app environment once and for all. So far, a lot of what has been referred to as “header bidding” in apps hasn’t actually delivered on the true opportunity to enable all bids to compete at the exchange level in real-time and transparently. However, in 2020, we’re finally going to see real header bidding become a reality in the world of in-app advertising. That’s good news for everyone, as it will bring greater control and higher revenues to publishers while delivering greater transparency and better results to all parties.

MYAPPFREE – Riccardo Fuzzi, CEO & Founder

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“In a digital world in which advertising blindness is affecting more and more users, Premium Content is the way to find a safe place on the smartphones of the people.

How to succeed in 2020? A wise man once told me: develop your own proprietary solutions, create innovative ad-formats, build solid partnerships with trustworthy companies. These are the keys to be disruptive in Mobile Advertising. This year, more than ever.

Illust Creative Partners – Rob McCarty, CEO

“In 2020 social AR (augmented reality on social media) will be the go to medium for throwing rocket fuel on influencer campaigns. With some AR posts generating over 10B impressions, a clever AR creative properly tied to an influencer activation will generate windfall brand awareness and audience engagement gold. “


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