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New tracking application for theme park technology

Software technology company Digisoft and leisure technology provider Accesso Technology Group have jointly developed a wearable device to manage Covid-19 protocols.


The smart device was actually designed for the armed forces, but it has immediate applications in the theme parks industry.

The devices are currently being tested by defence forces on routine military training and among soldiers on peacekeeping missions overseas.

The ProximityBand uses proven wearable technology initially developed for amusement parks and reconfigured for Covid-19 mitigation. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to identify, measure and track interactions between wearers to a secure information hub.The wristband also provides social distancing guidance via on-screen and vibration alerts in the workplace.

Accesso CEO Steve Brown said: “Our Prism wearable as been a resounding success in the theme park industry, but the unique challenges presented by the pandemic have revealed a whole new realm of possibilities for the application of the technology.”


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