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Tech Stack Used for Mobile App Development in 2020

Mobile applications are no less than a necessity for a startup and enterprise. Check out these statistics to know why?

According to Statista:

Now, when you start building a mobile application, the first question that comes to mind is: What tech stack should be used to make your app a chartbuster on the Playstore or App Store? The right technology stack also makes your app scalable and maintainable. Here, in this article, we have listed the most popular mobile app development approaches and the technology stack experts’ recommend building such apps:

Native app development

This type of development include programming languages, SDKs (Software development kits), IDE (integrated development environment), and other platform-specific tools offered by a particular operating system (Android or iOS).

Latest Technologies to develop iOS apps in 2020

iOS tech stackiOS tech stack

To build a native app for the iOS platform, you can consider the following technology stack:

Latest Technologies to develop Android apps in 2020

android stackandroid stack

To create a native app for the Android platform, you can consider the following technology stack:

Benefits of developing a native app

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Cross-platform App Development

A cross-platform application can be used on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, etc.).

Tech stack to build a cross-platform app

cross platform tech stackcross platform tech stack

Using Xamarin, a cross-platform app development tool, developers can make the most of code reusability for all the major platforms. The tool uses C# as the programming language for writing codes. This language comes up with IDE support and vast tools.

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Using React Native as a framework for developing a cross-platform app gives the app the ability to run on multiple platforms with all the capabilities of the native. The reason behind this fact is that the basic UI building blocks this framework uses and the platforms (Android and iOS) have are exactly similar. For developing applications using React Native, programmers write and run the logic in JS. Apart from JavaScript, the other programming language that can be used for the development is TypeScript.

Benefits of developing a cross-platform app

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid tech stackHybrid tech stack

Hybrid applications are developed using common web technologies and these are deployed in a native container, which utilizes a mobile WebView object.  

Latest Technologies to build a Hybrid app

Ionic, the Angular-JS framework, has the similar advantages as that of the Angular. In fact, the native look, required to build hybrid applications, is also implemented effectively in this framework.

Cordova is an open-source framework using which developers can run HTML or JS-based apps within a particular native container. It supports various frameworks as well as libraries, including Angular.js and Knockout.js.

 Benefits of a Hybrid application

How To Choose The Right Tech Stack For Mobile App Development?

To decide the Best technology for an app, you need to consider the below-mentioned factors first:

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Bottom Line

With people using smartphones for almost every task (online shopping, ordering food, booking flights/hotels, listening to music, watching videos or movies, etc.), the use of mobile applications is increasing at an unprecedented rate. That’s one of the main reasons why businesses are going mobile. To develop a successful app, the first consideration is choosing the right tech stack. To know more about the technology stack that is being used by expert developers worldwide, read the article. And, in case, if you want to develop a mobile application for Android or iOS, then choose a reliable mobile app development company or hire mobile app developers. 

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