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Technology Initiative Grant Program

Since 2000, when Congress first appropriated special funds for the Technology Initiative Grants program, LSC has been a leader in the development and use of technology to more effectively meet the legal needs of low-income Americans.  

Over the past 20 years we have awarded nearly $70 million in grants for more than 750 projects that leverage technology to help meet the civil legal needs of low-income people. The amount of TIG funding available for fiscal year 2021 is approximately $4.25 million. In 2020, awards were made to 26 TIG projects with a median funding amount of $125,000.

The key goals of the TIG program are to encourage grantees to use technology in innovative ways to: 

  1. Effectively and efficiently provide high-quality legal assistance to low-income persons and to promote access to the judicial system through legal information, advice, and representation; 
  2. Improve service delivery, quality of legal work, and management and administration of grantees; and 
  3. Develop, test, and replicate innovative strategies that can enable grantees and state justice communities to improve clients’ access to high-quality legal assistance through an integrated and well-managed technology system. 

TIG funding has provided LSC with a remarkable opportunity to explore new ways to serve eligible persons, to help build legal aid programs’ capacities, and to support the efforts of pro bono attorneys. These projects use a broad range of technologies — including mobile, cloud computing, data analysis, and automated document assembly — to make the delivery of legal services in the United States more efficient and effective.  


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