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The 10 Best Weight Loss Apps of 2021

One potential way to shed pounds is by keeping track of your exercise habits with a wearable activity tracker (6, 7, 8).

Fitbits are wearable devices that measure your activity level throughout the day. They’re an excellent resource to help you track physical activity.

The Fitbit can record the number of steps taken, miles walked, and stairs. The Fitbit also measures your heart rate.

Using a Fitbit gives you access to the Fitbit app, which is where all of your physical activity information is synced. You can also keep track of your food and water intake, sleep habits, and weight goals.

Fitbit also has strong community features. The app allows you to connect with your friends and family who use Fitbit. You can participate in various challenges with them and share your progress if you choose.

Depending on the type of Fitbit you have, you can set alarms as reminders to get up and exercise, and Fitbit will send notifications to your phone to tell you how close you are to your fitness goals for the day.

Additionally, you receive awards whenever you achieve a specific goal. For example, you may receive the “New Zealand Award” once you walk 990 lifetime miles, signifying that you’ve walked the entire length of New Zealand.

The Fitbit app also allows you to log your food so you can stay within your calorie range, and your water intake so that you can stay hydrated.

Before deciding, try comparing the Fitbit to similar devices and apps, such as Jawbone UP, Apple Watch, and Google Fit.

To get the most out of this app, you’ll need to own a Fitbit, which can be costly. The app itself is free, and it offers in-app purchases, such as a monthly $9.99 or a yearly $79.99 subscription.

Fitbit provides you with a considerable amount of information about your activity levels, so you can keep good track of your weight and health goals.
The app is very easy to use and has several ways of showing you your progress and keeping you motivated.

Though users can use the app without a Fitbit device, in order to use the exercise, sleep, and heart rate components of the app, you must own a Fitbit. There are many types and some are expensive.

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